2017 Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half

Seattle Rock’n’Roll has become somewhat of a tradition since I left Seattle.  It is approximately 6 months from Christmas, which means it is about time for my 6 month dentist appointment.  Two birds, one trip to Seattle.  Oh, and Father’s Day.  Totally because it takes place on Father’s Day weekend.  Three birds, one trip to Seattle!  Fingers crossed they don’t change the date!

When I originally signed up, the event was still on a Saturday and only Saturday.  Lo and behold the half (and full) were moved to Sunday.  In the back of my mind, I wondered if this meant a 5K was coming on Saturday but somehow I missed the announcement that there actually was going to be a 5K!  Fortunately it did catch my eye they had added a 5K in time to sign up.


I was at the tail end of a cold and so didn’t expect too much at the 5K.  It was an out and back starting at the Museum of Flight.  The course wasn’t anything to much to write home about except it was a very large street and no crowding to speak of.  My plan honestly was just to get through the race.  However as I started out, I felt okay.  In my opinion, racing a 5K is super hard because you push so hard due to the short distance!  I kept up my 1:1 intervals and came across the line at 37:07 which isn’t too far off my PR.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Might be time to focus on a 5K PR!


My dad kindly offered to drop me off Sunday morning for the half.  The starting time had been bumped up and I had bad memories of parking last year.  I had purchased the pre-race VIP package, which did include parking, but it required being parked and on the shuttle bus by 4:30.  I gladly took my dad up on his offer and got a little bit more sleep.


The course had changed this year and was a point to point from Husky Stadium to Century Link.  Or as I like to say from the Huskies to the Seahawks!  Could this course be any more perfect?!  It is still Seattle which means there were HILLS but its Seattle.

Buying the VIP package meant a private gear check, using Husky Stadium bathrooms, and my fave – a view down to the field!  Oh yeah, a place to sit and breakfast offerings.  I was sold with the real bathroom.


I jumped into my corral and we were off.  Through the arboretum, along Lake Washington, Rainier Ave S, Dearborn, and then Century Link was in sight!!

As I was still getting over the cold, I didn’t push too much and was ecstatic to come across the finish line in 2:56:02.  Any time I come in under 3, I’m a happy camper!!


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Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part IV

One of my favorite movie quotes ever “someone call IX-I-I” from Hercules and I think of it every time I see Roman numerals.

#16 Queen of the High Road 10K – I struggled a bit with including this as one of my 40 races because there was no big and it was self timed.  But on the other hand, I signed up, paid a race fee, and got a tiara at the end.  So race, right?  A very low key event with a giant hill.  But did I mention I got a tiara?


#17 Happy Girls Bend – I can honestly say I hated this race.  There were several factors that led to the hatred, and any on their own would have been fine, but it was the combination that led to disaster for me.  Let’s start with it was HOT.  So very HOT.  Second we didn’t start until 9.  If its going to be that hot, I’d much rather start earlier in the day, especially if its going to be hot.  Third, the bottlenecks at the beginning of the race (due to the mass start) and then again when the slow half’ers (me), the fast 10Kers, and the slow 5Kers all converged on the same narrow stretch of the sidewalk.  I kept yelling on your left but to no avail.  Throw in gravel roads, serious trails, ridiculous hills, and almost getting hit by a golf ball (yes a golf ball) and you have the makings of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  The views, however, were amazing!!  If I ever did this race again (which is doubtful) I would do the 10K, rather than the half.  Time?  Well it was definitely one of my slower times at 3:07:31 but I finished!!

#18 Helvatia 15K – I was excited going into this race for two reasons.  The first being the hamburger at the end and the second was the hopes of seeing my physical therapist at the race (she was doing the half while I was doing the 15K).  The race started out promising with overcast skies but no rain.  Parts of the course were the same as Heartbreaker.  I was feeling strong and briefly thought I might be able to PR.  But then came mile 7 and a torrential downpour.  It was also around that time the half course caught back up to the 15K course and when I heard my name.  It was Katie (my PT)!  Seeing her friendly face gave me a boost.   The rain kept coming down and down and down.  I struggled those last two miles.  It was so wet.  Finally it was over and I was eating my hamburger!!  Secret goal going into the race – under 2; actual time: 1:59:42.  Whew!


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Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part III

Slowly but surely we are catching up!!  When I first decided to do 40 races in 2017, I hadn’t really thought through the dedication it would take.  I still feel as though I am going from race to race, but it keeps me motivated!!

#11 Hop Hop Half – I really wasn’t truly ready for a half, but my training plan called for 11 miles.  What’s another 2.1 after 11?  I figured I would slow down my intervals once I hit 11.  The course starts off with a short loop before passing the finish line and heading out onto a bike trail along the Columbia River.  The views were gorgeous!  It was also starting to get hot.  I held on to the 1:1 intervals for as long as possible.  Of course the Peeps at around Mile 8 helped with my energy!  Finally I was crossing the road for the last little stretch.  I backed off to 1:2 intervals.  And there it was – the finish line!  One of my favorite parts of this race is the after party, with mimosas!  Secret goal going into the race: under 3 hours, actual time 2:52:33.

#12 Top Pot 5K – This was a replacement race (another one I hadn’t done in awhile).  When I ended up in Seattle for a few weeks, I had to switch around a few races.  Fortunately Top Pot 5K was an option!  The course takes you around Green Lake and finishes with donuts!!  Top Pot donuts!!  Its been awhile since I’ve actually raced a 5K.  I hesitated slightly in my decision to actually race it.  The course was fairly crowded, but still manageable.  I came across in 38:14, which I was happy with.

#13 Cinco de Mayo – Another replacement race!  Instead of Cinco de Mayo in Portland, I was doing Cinco de Mayo in Snoqualmie.  Slightly different!  I hadn’t really paid attention to the elevation knowing it was Snoqualmie and there would be hills.  The course started off with a loop before catching up to the 8K course.  The out was a slight downhill which meant a huge uphill on the way back.  Funny how that works!  The weather was perfect, overcast with a hint of rain.  It did start sprinkling towards the end.  I was slightly worried about the time limit, but at the first turn around I saw that I wasn’t last.  I kept my place for a long time before I started picking off runners one by one, for a total of 5!  I wasn’t sure about a time goal going into it, but I was hoping for under 2:55.  I came in at 2:49:24!!  Starting to move closer towards 2:45 again!


Stay tuned for the next round!!

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2017 Tink Half Marathon

AKA race #15 in my quest for 40 races in 2017.  Long story short, but when my trip to UT changed from ending on Sunday to ending on Saturday AND I saw Tink still had openings, I decided to do my own Pixie Dust Challenge and sign up for Tink (since I was doing a 10K Saturday morning in UT).  It really made me happy to sign up since I hadn’t been able to do Princess earlier in the year.


I arrived Saturday afternoon with just enough time to grab my bib and hit up the expo.  Not having a lot of time at the expo meant I didn’t spend a lot of money!  I should really do that more often!  I spent a little bit of time at the parks before retiring for the night.


Sunday morning arrived bright and early and I headed for the corrals.  Security ended up being a bit of a mess – now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the extra security, but it was a giant bottleneck.  They finally started directing us over to the other entrance, by ESPN Zone which was much quicker.


I wasn’t expecting much out of this race considering I went all out to get my PR the day before, not to mention I was in another state the day before!


I don’t remember too much about the race other than it got HOT towards the end and they had CHOCOLATE MILK afterwards!!  Tink has replaced Princess as my favorite runDisney race.  Possibly because of the chocolate milk.  And I finished with a Disney PR (probably because I didn’t stop for too many photos!) of: 2:56:19!



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Curacao 2017

I spent the last week in Curacao (which if you don’t know exactly where that is, join the club.  It’s in the Caribbean, next door to Aruba).  I’ll do an actual trip report at some point 🙂 but in the meantime, how about a few pictures?

20170620_074129 - Copy - Copy

20170620_074633 - Copy - Copy





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Lightening Round of Races Part II

How did it get to be June?   Must be time for another lightening round of races!!

#6 Hot Chocolate 15K – It has been awhile since I’ve done this race and I had blocked out the ridiculous route.  Up and back on 99 which means one giant uphill out and less of a downhill on the way back.  Sadly the M&M station was out of M&Ms by the time I got there.  Secret goal going into the race under 2 hours, actual time 2:01:08

#7 Luckython 10K – This was at the golf course where last year’s Halloweenathon took place.  The course was the same, but in reveres, which I think I liked better.  Course options were 5K – 1 loop, 10K – 2 loops, or 15K – 3 loops.  I’m not a huge loop fan and so opted for the 10K.  But one of the draws of this race was a baked potato bar after the race!  Secret time goal going into the race: under 1:17, actual time 1:18:20.

#8 Shamrock 15K

#9 Race for the Roses 10K – I came down with a cold right before this race and debated a DNS.  I was starting to feel slightly better the morning of and decided to go for it.  This race starts at the convention center, before heading over the river on the Broadway Bridge.  I didn’t want to push myself too hard but still tried to keep fairly regular intervals, skipping a few running intervals.  The weather was amazing – sunny but not too hot.  I had no time goals going in due to the cold, actual time 1:23:53.

#10 Seahawks 12K – Another race I hadn’t done in a long time.  The start line isn’t too far from my parents house and so worked out perfect as I was up visiting.  The course is a nice rolling course by Lake Washington with the turn around at the VMAC (the Seahawks training facility).  My favorite part of the race!!  There are even Seahawks handing out water!  The first part of the race was going fantastic – I was ticking off miles in the 11s and 12s.   And then BAM!  When I turned around there was a headwind.  That was some tailwind on the first half of the course!  I started struggling around mile 7 but I kept telling myself I was so close to the end.  And there was the end!  Best part of the finish?  Seahawk Kevin Pierre-Louis was at the finish line and I got a picture with him!!  Actual time 1:38:40.


That’s it for this round!!  Stay tuned for the next round!!

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Packing emotions in haiku format

Decisions to make
Frustration leading to joy
My journey begins

I love to travel.  Seeing new places excites me.  Learning about different cultures, stopping to enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in the new sights, exploring new places bring me such joy.

What I hate is packing.  Absolutely hate it.  Even though I know that if I’m packing, that means I get to so somewhere different.  Part of that stems from my hate of making decisions.  Can’t I cram everything into this suitcase so I don’t have to make a decision?  What if I change my mind later and want to wear something different?

All of this is because (dramatic pause) you guessed it, I’m procrastinating when I should be packing!  Watch this space for where I’m going this time!

Here’s a hint…there will be fruity drinks!!


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