After 5 long days we finally have power back again!!! We lost power Thursday night and finally got it back the next Tuesday night. I remember when this happened before but when you are a kid it’s different and more fun. In the inaugural day storm we had no power for days so we got to eat at McDonalds! This time, it was still an adventure but one that lost it’s attraction after the first day or so. Everything takes power – no TV so maybe I’ll read a book, oh wait, need power for light. Okay so maybe I’ll do some scrapbooking, yeah again need light and more light than a flashlight provides. Well maybe, nope – can’t do that either. Um, how about – yeah that takes power as well.

My car was on empty but I was able to find a gas station with a smallish line after passing by many gas stations with lines of 50 cars or more. It’s amazing how much you take for granted such as light and heat. However, we have a wood stove so we did have heat, and with flashlights we did have light so it could have been worse. I am most glad to be able to charge up my electric toothbrush and not have to hunt for a flashlight when I get home.

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