London P.S.

I realized I had left out a very important part of my trip to London!! The ghost!! Or the psycho TV!! Take your pick. Saturday is when the trouble began. I was watching TV before we left for dinner and the channel changed all by itself. I didn’t pay too much attention to it as I figured I had just inadvertently pushed a button. Later that night it happened again. Not a big deal, I just switched it back to the program we were watching. The problem started when we went to bed and the TV turned itself on not once, not twice but 5 times!! Granted, after the first time I should have turned it completely off rather than just hitting the power button but I was warm in my bed and didn’t feel like getting out of bed to walk over to the TV. The first time I really noticed it was a little after midnight (midnight:20 to be exact). I made an empty threat that I would unplug the TV if it happened again. The second time was 2 hours later at 2:20. I thought to myself it must be on a 2 hour timer and it was probably near 10:20 when the channel switched. I didn’t think on it too much and went back to sleep. The next time was at 3:45 so there went the whole 2 hour timer theory. The next time was sometime after 4, again just turned off the TV and went back to bed. The last time I had apparently gotten used to it and didn’t wake up that quickly. It woke Jana up that time but it hadn’t woken her up the two times before that. I was fed up with it by that time, fed up enough to get out of bed and turn it off completely. Before we went back to sleep we joked that it must have been the ghost from the castle that had followed us home. The rest of the night passed peacefully until of course the alarm clock went off, but that’s another story.

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