It’s March BABY!

NCAA, NC 2A, NC Double A – however you say it, it is tournament time! I love college basketball which makes March one of my favorite times of the year. Every year as I sit through nail-biter games, and the eventual loss of my team, I wonder why I continue to put myself through the ecstasy and agony every year. It has been awhile since my team has won the championship, it’s actually been several years since they’ve made it past the sweet sixteen.

Heading into championship week it looks like Duke will make the tournament, even with only a .500 record in the ACC. The (Washington) Huskies will most likely only make it if they win the PAC 10 championship. Gonzaga looks to be in, even if they were to lose the WCC championship. And, surprise of all surprises, the Cougars are not only a lock to get in but a potential 3 seed! 3 seed and Cougars is something I never thought I would say in the same sentance. Normally the Cougars wouldn’t really even be on my radar considering I’m a Husky at heart, but my brother is in his final year at WSU and so I’ve temporarily set aside my cross-state rivalry prejudice towards the Cougars.

So what will this March bring? Who knows? But one thing is for certain, I will be watching!

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