The Big 3-0, it’s official!

It must seem as if I’ve been celebrating my birthday for awhile now. Probably because I started celebrating a month in advance! But as of 12:54 PM on April 29th I have officially entered into my 30’s! I celebrated all weekend – and ate my through the celebrations!
After all the anxiety I had about turning 30, when I woke up on Sunday it was just another day. The hardest moment I’ve had with my new age was at the gym when I had to enter it in on the elliptical machine and I couldn’t put 29 anymore and instead entered 30. But I’m slowly moving past the whole shock of being 30 and instead will focus on enjoying the next decade of my life!
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One Response to The Big 3-0, it’s official!

  1. Mandi says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will join you in the big 3-0 next month!

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