I signed up for the Danskin triathlon again as soon as registration opened. However after signing up I didn’t do anything else. I had grand plans of beginning my training program early (well, if I’m perfectly honest I had planned to keep up my training after I finished my first triathlon but that didn’t happen). Aiding and abetting my procrastination was the fact I didn’t start training last year until late June and I now have one triathlon under my belt. But I was reading on Mandi’s blog how she has started training for the NYC Half Marathon by getting up early to run and I was inspired! So tonight instead of heading to the gym I headed to the pool. I had forgotten how much effort it takes to swim!! After my second lap I was about ready to say that was enough, at least I’d gotten into the pool. But I continued on. I lost count of how many laps, but ended up swimming for about 20 minutes. At least it’s a start. And from now until the triathlon (August 19th) I will be at the pool (or lake) at least twice a week. Now, all I need to do is start riding my bike again and I’ll be really on my way.

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  1. Mandi says:

    Wow, I’ve always thought triathlons were so impressive! I’ll definitely be cheering you on in your training! I’ve found that posting about my training is a good way to keep myself accountable when I can’t find any intrinsic motivation to wake up at 6am. 🙂 And, I’m tagging you to post 8 Random Facts about yourself! Go here for the details:

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