Passport Watch 2007

It’s hard to believe but it has been 10 years since I first got my passport! It also means it is expiring this year and it is time to renew. Unfortunately with all the new rules, this is probably one of the worst years to renew! It is taking forever! I finally bit the bullet and sent in my passport, with the extra money needed to expedite the process. Supposedly, with expediting it, I should get my passport within a couple of weeks, as opposed to a couple of months. Since it is still a few months before my next vacation out of the country I’m not panicking yet. However, I continue to check the passport status daily and so far mine has not shown up in their system. But they have cashed my check so I know they at least have it!! If by mid-July it hasn’t shown up (either in the system or at my house) then I will be calling my local congressperson and have them track it down for me. Until then I will keep checking the website!!

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