I haven’t posted anything in awhile so I thought I’d post a few random things while I wait for a report to run.

My new car has automatic headlights – so when do you suppose I’m going to really believe they are going to turn off without me watching? Right now I walk away slowly and keep turning back to make sure they do turn off.

The Spice Girls have reunited to do a tour!!! Yes, I realize it is the Spice Girls, but really their music was just so fun!!

I’m allergic to green beans. A random thing to be allergic to, but I was recently reminded of the fact as my eye swelled up just like it used to when I had green beans. It wasn’t green beans this time so apparently I’m allergic to something else.

This was the first year in recent memory it hasn’t rained on the Fourth of July. It was absolutely beautiful!! Unfortunately I was at work and not able to enjoy the weather…

Something that annoys me – people who wait until after the cashier has told them their total to start writing out their check. I mean come on – is the date going to change? Well maybe considering how long it is taking you to write the check! Is your name going to change? No, I don’t think so. Is the store going to change? It especially annoys me when I’m in the express lane at Target and the lady in front of me has more than the 20 item limit, asks for a price check, and then pulls out her checkbook after she has been given the total!

Well, I think my report has run so back to work.

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