Turtles, Fish & Ducks – Oh My!

Every once in awhile there are training workouts that just don’t go so well. If last Friday was a great experience swimming in the lake, today’s was the complete opposite. It started off with better weather. Instead of rainy and gray it was sunny with clear blue skies. The water was just as cold though. The roped off area had changed and the length was longer than last week. I hadn’t thought it was that much shorter (than last year) but this week with the ropes changed and swimming the longer length, I realized it was a lot longer than last week which was the first hiccup. The second was the wind. There were a lot more waves today which makes swimming a little more difficult. The third was the turtle. Yes, I said turtle. I know I’m in a lake, and there are animals living in the lake, but I did not expect a turtle to swim across my path!! It freaked me out when I saw it. I burst out of the water sputtering. It was probably a pretty funny scene to someone watching. I calmed down a minute or two later and continued on keeping my eye out for the turtle. I didn’t see the turtle again but I did see a duck. Fortunately for him, he stayed away from me. I finished up my swim in a lot longer time than I anticipated, which at this point with the wind and the turtle and everything else was expected. I tried not to be too disappointed in my time as it wasn’t too far off my time from last year. I made my way to the shore looking carefully for the turtle and was surprised to see what looked like a fish go darting past me. Once more I shot up out of the water, this time with a shriek. I don’t do well with animals in the water. Well, at least I’ve got my bad training workout of the way!

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