White Christmas!!

Over the hills and through the woods to Aunt Patty’s house we went for Christmas Eve. Charlotte (my cousin Gale’s daughter) brought over her early Christmas gift, a Hannah Montana signed poster! My Aunt Patty told me I would have liked Hannah Montana had I been Charlotte’s age. Sorry to ruin the illusion you have of me as a sophisticated adult Aunt Patty, but not only do I know who Hannah Montana is, I have a couple of her songs on my ipod. It was a fun evening, with a few more people than normal as my sister & Kris joined us.

My brother can be quite creative when he wants to be. Several years ago he began creating duct tape bows for presents. They have become quite elaborate over the years and this year were even multi-coloured!

Christmas morning came early, but fortunately not as early in years past. We opened presents at the respectable hour of 7 am, mainly watching Chloe playing with her toys. I’m not sure when the tradition of going to the movies on Christmas day started for our family, but it has been going on for years now. This year’s movie was The Great Debaters. As we left for the movie theater, it had started to rain, but there was a little snow mixed in! There was a huge crowd waiting for the elevator to the movie theater so we decided to take the stairs (yes I counted – 101, give or take a few). The lobby of the movie theater was jammed!! The line was snaking all the way around and back. My dad and my brother are not the most patient people so we decided to forgo the movie this year. As it turned out, Chloe’s guardian angel convinced us to go home as the burner had been left inadvertently on. Who knows what would have happened had we not decided to come home early!!

On our way home from the movies it started to snow – big, fat flakes – and started to stick just a bit to the ground. Seattle style White Christmas! The snow did not last long, but Chloe & I enjoyed it while it did.

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2 Responses to White Christmas!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fun blog and great pictures – Merry Christmas! mm

  2. Stacy O says:

    Your bangs look super cute in these pics! Love them. I also love the duct tape bows…that is pretty creative!

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