I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas!

Snow, snow and more snow!! I never thought I’d say this but enough with the snow. I can’t remember the last time it snowed this much. Actually, I can – I was in eighth grade. And the reason I remember? Yeah, with all the snow days we were in school until July!! I exaggerate – I think the last day of school was really June 30th. Last night was the first night my drive home wasn’t a complete white-knuckle drive. Granted, I have an all-wheel drive, but that only helps so much, and really doesn’t help when stopping. Exhibit A – It has been snowing fairly constant since this morning. The driveway was shovelled this morning before I left for work and arriving home this afternoon there was another couple inches of accumulation and I slid sideways down my driveway. Yikes!

Driving in the snow I’m usually saying one of two things – 1) Don’t slam on the brakes, don’t slam on the brakes to remind me if I do start to slide to not slam on the brakes or 2) Thank you Mr. Snowplow, Snowplow, Snowplow, thank you Mr. Snowplow, for clearing the roads (sung to Thank you Mr. Bus Driver whenever I see a snowplow). Which means I haven’t really been listening to Christmas music the past couple of days. I love Christmas and Christmas music so I might just have to listen to Christmas music after Christmas is over to get my fix.

Speaking of Christmas music here are two things you may not know about me: 1) my all-time favorite Christmas song is Winter Wonderland which Jana pointed out isn’t really a Christmas song and 2) I usually cry anytime I hear I’ll Be Home for Christmas.

I was wrapping presents and Chloe was trying to “help”. I don’t know how she knows, but she can pick out the bag that has her Christmas presents in it. Maybe the bag smells like a pet store?

Here’s a few more snow pics:

To my friends and family in Seattle (and anywhere else it is snowing) – stay warm and be safe

To all my friends and family – I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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1 Response to I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas!

  1. Stacy O says:

    I know-snow go away!!!Merry Christmas Emily!!

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