Training – Week 2

It was a bit of a light training week – one swim and one bike ride.  The bike ride ended up being a bit interesting, due to the weather.  I woke up to snow this morning.  Snow, seriously?  Yes, snow.  Beware the ides of March, perhaps?  I loaded my bike up and fortunately after church the snow had been replaced by rain.  The rain slowly dissipated as I rode along and by the end of the ride the sun had come out!  I wasn’t going too far as the purpose of this ride was really to reintroduce myself to my bike.  Legs, you remember pedaling, don’t you?  The first half of the ride went really well, especially since I haven’t been on a bike since last June!  The second half was more challenging as I was fighting against the wind.  But finally I arrived back at my car, my first bike ride over.  See you next week for more training updates!

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