Mickiewicz & Mickey Mouse

My dreams of every writing up my trip to Krakow and Paris are going by the wayside. But I did want to at least post a few pictures and commentary from the trip. So here we go – in pictures rather than words this time.

Main Market Square – we spent a lot of time here. Krakow was a very charming city.

We weren’t sure what the purpose of the animals were – we started calling this ferret square.

After pouring rain, the sun came out at Wawel Castle.

Kazimierz – the former Jewish community. During WW2, Nazis destroyed the cemetery and gravestones. After the war, remnants were pieced together to form a mosaic wall.

Oskar Schindler’s factory

Auschwitz – the sheer size of Auschwitz & Auschwitz II is absolutely overwhelming. At Auschwitz I there were rooms filled with eye glasses, suitcases, and shoes of the victims. At Auschwitz II, the rows of barracks seemed to go on forever. I thought it was a little more clinical than my visit to Dachau, but still very moving.

If you look closely, you’ll see the “B” was welded upside down, a small piece of rebellion.

Wieliczka Salt Mine – I felt a little like Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, deep in the mines. Lots of statues and chapels carved out of salt. Below is the Chapel of St. Kinga which was incredible!

A different view of the Main Market Square, from the top of St. Mary’s Basilica (239 stairs up)

From Krakow, we flew to Paris.

Inside Notre Dame

We took the bus out to Malmaison. Josephine bought the house for herself and Napoleon. She kept the house after their divorce and lived there until her death.

Orangerie Museum

A trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower! We were in line when the sparkle lights went off so did not get to enjoy the sparkle lights fully. Overheard while we were in line – Pilier Est? Is that estimated?

We were so close to Paris Disney, so why not visit?

The roller coasters (specifically Rockin’ Rollercoaster & Space Mountain) were 14 times scarier than Walt Disney World, if by 14 you mean 1,000,000 times scarier!!

And we finished up our trip to Paris, wandering around the Latin quarter. We visited the Pantheon (below), which houses Foucault’s pendulum and the resting places of a number of famous persons (Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo and Marie Curie to name a few).

And a stroll along the Seine to visit my favorite pont (bridge) in Paris – Pont Neuf.

Our last night we had dinner in a super tiny restaurant, which was so good!!

A little different, but hopefully it gives you a flavor my trip.
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