Five Senses Friday #14

Apparently I’m doing theme Five Senses Fridays. Last week was my run at the park and this week’s theme would be year-end. It will be a long few weeks, but then life will be back to normal…

* The four “walls” of my cube, spreadsheets, workpapers, numbers, and lots and lots of formulas! And I’m not just talking about at work, these things are invading my dreams!

* My & Jessica’s “fun” cd’s – we started this a year or so ago, but during a quarter end we each make a cd full of fun songs to keep us pepped up.
* “Dumbledore!” The song from Harry Potter’s Puppet Pals & The Mysterious Ticking Noise. If you haven’t seen it on YouTube, check it out. It’s really funny, especially if you are feeling a bit loopy!

* Way too many snacks – satsumas, goldfish crackers, Princess fruit snacks (we even branched out to Tinkerbell snacks and Nemo snacks but obviously we stuck with a Disney theme!). But you know what sounds good? Teddy grahams! Hm, might have to pick some up tomorrow.
* Caffeine in many different forms – coffee, soda, chocolate

* Satsumas!

* I think I am balancing on the edge of tiredness / adrenaline.
* Let’s add in loopy – I’m definitely feeling loopy!
*My quads, because we are taking breaks to walk up the stairs

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