More Birthday Fun

This week I finally got back to swimrun, next week we will see if we can work the bike into the equation. Each year I think I’m going to keep up swimming, but it hasn’t happened. It was good to be back in the pool again!

I had all sorts of birthday fun this week – I had a birthday lunch with my group at work, cupcakes from co-workers, and dinner with Jessica & Nilufer on my actual birthday. Even though it was my actual birthday, it was a joint birthday celebration for all of us. And Friday I had another birthday dinner with Diane, Nikki, Jessica & Nilufer. On Saturday I had a birthday massage (Thanks Dad!). And I had lots of birthday wishes throughout the week!!

On Sunday I headed to the park after church for a “quick” run. The out part wasn’t bad, but in part got a little windy. In fact, one runner passed me, got to her turn around point and on the way back called out to me it was better in the other direction! No kidding! I finished up my 5 miles and got home in time for the birthday party. Not only for me, but for my brother and for my dad. Our birthdays are within 5 days of each other. My sister & Kris brought their 2 bulldogs. Chloe wasn’t too sure about Jensen & Samson, but from a distance they were okay. It was a fun party. And now I’m sorting through pictures and catching up on some Survivor, Amazing Race & Lost.

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