Five Senses Friday

NY one weekend, LA the next, I will be happy to relax this weekend!!  And unpack my suitcase.

Jana at Disneyland

You won! (well it was really reading, but I can pretend it was hearing!) Yes, I won a contest!  I’m very excited to pick through my race numbers and t-shirts for my bag.

Steak, with yummy mashed potatoes

Sunburned!! Ouch!

Excited for World Cup! And conflicted – US vs England, who do I root for? When it comes down to it, I will root for the US, but I will not cry if England wins.

Aloe Vera (to help with the sunburn)

2 pool swims, and they were not my best. But at least I made it to the pool!

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2 Responses to Five Senses Friday

  1. Mandi says:

    Getting together with a bunch of Americans (and Germans) tonight to watch the game. Should at least be entertaining!

  2. Ah-disneyland is so freaking fun, isn't it?Happy Weekend!

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