Cleanse, Day 4

Wow, am I really 4 days into this thing?  Each day continues to get a little easier.  Day 2 of liquids is almost done, with only one more day to go!!  I continue to have a headache, but it has diminished.  Thank goodness! 

I slept in the morning, which doesn’t normally happen on Saturdays as I usually go to an 8 a.m. kickboxing class.  But with the lack of food I decided to skip this weekend.  In fact I haven’t done much of any exercising in the past few days.  I am signed up for a 5K tomorrow, which I am planning on doing, even if I need to walk the whole thing.

It’s a good thing I slept in today (besides the fact it was a couple extra hours I didn’t have to think about food) so I can get up and watch England v Germany tomorrow morning before the 5K.  This will be another game where I am conflicted in who to pull for.  In the end, I’m for England, but I won’t cry if Germany wins.  And either way, I’ll have a team in the quarterfinals!  Go Three Lions!! 

Yes, my World Cup fever has not diminished even though the US is out.  It was great fun while it lasted!  I forget how much I enjoy watching soccer (or football) until the World Cup rolls around. 

Anyone else really craving a cheeseburger?  I have done a better job at pacing my lemon mixture today.  I did make a colossal mistake today – I changed the brand of maple syrup, and my palate is not loving this one as much.  I should have stuck with what I knew worked.  But yes, even though today is easier, I would still really love a good cheeseburger right about now.  After this is over I will be very interested to see if my cravings really do subside. 

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One Response to Cleanse, Day 4

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm totally craving a cheeseburger right now too! Well, actually more the french fries with the cheeseburger. But, hopefully once we're done with this cleanse we'll feel way better and won't crave those baaaaad things. ;-)~Jessica

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