Cleanse, Day 5

Day 5 is almost at a close.  I was running around a bit today, which I was a little nervous about – not having the lemon juice always at hand.  I survived the liquid portion and now its on to fruits tomorrow!  Yippee!!  (and maybe quinoa – but this time it was Jessica who suggested we cheat)

This morning started off with England v Germany (wow – gotta give it up to the Germans!).  Should I even bother to say my last two teams, since my top two are now out?  Germany & the Netherlands.  I’m sure another team will capture my attention – it usually happens (last time it was France).

Next up was the 5K.  I left in plenty of time to arrive early, but what do they say about the best laid plans?  The directions on the race website were horrible and my GPS had me going too far.  I should have looked it up prior to going, but I had an idea of where it was so I relied on the GPS & the directions.  All of this resulted in me arriving at the race just as it started.  Fortunately, it was a super low-key race.  I met my co-worker Teresa and her dog Hooper and we started out.  The trail was really nice – along the water.  Our pseudo goal was to keep our time around 15 minute miles, but that didn’t quite work out.  It might have been close if you subtract out the bathroom stops (once for us, once for Hooper).  But it was still nice to get out.

And then it was off to church, with a pause to drink some lemon concoction and water.  From there it was time to get a massage!!  Ahh, so relaxing!

In between all the activity were sips of lemon mixture and water.  Do I feel better?  Eh, I’m not noticing a huge difference.  A cheeseburger still sounds so good.  I’m finishing up my lemon for today and then it might be time for bed.  Because when I’m asleep, I’m not thinking about food! 🙂 

Night, night!

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