Five Senses Friday

Wow, can it already be time for triathlon #2?  That went fast.  The training that I meant to keep up with?  Yeah, not so much.  But I did cram a lot into the past couple of days – pool swim, brick & a lake swim.  This is my “A” race so hopefully I am ready.  I am ready.  I am ready.  I just need to keep telling myself that! 🙂


  • An email come across that I had been waiting for


  • Cars, lots of cars zooming past


  • Birthday cupcakes!!


  • Vanilla soap


  • Waves crashing into me

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2 Responses to Five Senses Friday

  1. FruitFly says:

    Ooh, good senses today!! The cupcake/vanilla soap combo is making me have a sweet tooth!Good luck in your triathlon!

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