Pumpkin Galore

Have I mentioned I like pumpkins?  And this weekend has turned into a pumpkin weekend!  Friday it was pumpkin gelato (yum!!), Saturday was pumpkin frozen yogurt (from red mango) and pumpkin curry (double yum!), Sunday was pumpkin latte and a pumpkin smoothie made by yours truly.  Seriously, I might turn into a pumpkin at this point.  Or at least some shade of orange.  True story – my first baby picture (shortly after my entrance into this world) had a little bit of my red hair sticking up which looked like a stem.  My first nickname?  What else – pumpkin.  Since it is October 31st and I haven’t made any “new” recipes (per my 33 Things list) this month what else should I do but stick with the pumpkin theme and make a pumpkin smoothie?  Originally I had thought to make an exciting squash recipe or something else fall-ish but time got away from me so pumpkin smoothie it is.  Cop out?  Eh, maybe but since it is my list and my rules, I’m counting it.  I have no idea where I got this recipe but basically pumpkin, banana and yogurt thrown together with some spices and blend.  It turned out good!  And no, I don’t normally have a doily, but it was there and I thought it dressed up the pumpkin! 🙂

Speaking of my 33 Things list, we need a 5K for October don’t we?  I had planned on doing the Pumpkin Push 5K but as with the recipe, things didn’t quite go according to plan.  With my cold settling in my chest, I decided to pass on the 5K.  I had done a 5K earlier in the month, but it didn’t have a cool name like Pumpkin Push so I wasn’t going to officially count it.  But now I am.  I don’t remember much about the race except it was super cold – as in I saw my breath.  Brr! 
And now I’m spending some quality time with my DVR.  I’m thinking I’m going to give up on Survivor this season.  I haven’t watched a single episode this season and I’ve got lots of other shows piling up.  I’m sorry Survivor, my DVR has spoken and it is time for you to go.
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One Response to Pumpkin Galore

  1. FruitFly says:

    I gave up on Survivor weeks ago. It just lost my interest as soon as they voted off Jimmy Johnson. I had no care about any contestants and got bored. I haven't missed it!

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