Five Senses Friday

So it’s that time again, time to close out last year.  Which means I’ll be seeing a lot of my desk!


  • Frost to start the week, but now rain, rain and more rain.  But I’m not complaining.  Rain is definitely better than frost & snow!


  • You’ll get what you get and you won’t throw a fit.  Yes, there is a story behind this, but I really can’t remember it right now…but it has become somewhat of a catch phrase! 


  • Pizza


  • Fig Newtons and I’m hoping to get some goldfish and princess snacks later. 


  • Definitely on the tired side.  Plus I can’t seem to shake this cold!

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2 Responses to Five Senses Friday

  1. FruitFly says:

    Pizza …. mmmmm!!!But then Fig Newtons sound yummy, too!And tired …. I am about to fall asleep at my desk!

  2. Savannah says:

    I haven't had fig newton's in years- they sound really good! I think I may prefer snow to rain – no muddy doggy feet if everything is frozen!

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