33 Things Wrap Up

Well it’s about that time to close out the old list and start with the new one.  Let’s take a look at what didn’t happen this last year and if we’ll roll it over to the new year!!  And let’s not dwell on all the things I didn’t accomplish, because what good would that do? 🙂

Making the 34 Things List

  • Buy a DSLR (I have money set aside for this, just haven’t pulled the trigger.  Plus I’m trying to decide between a Canon and a Nikon)
  • Take a photography class
  • Read 5 books (Came close – and if you count the romance novels I totally read 5 books!)
  • Finish my 2009 Photobook
  • Take a dance class (I bought a groupon so I’d better do this one!)
  • Go kayaking (Another groupon)
  • Buy a Garmin (Another one I have money set aside for, but just haven’t bought yet)
  • Run in the 2011 Princess Half Marathon and stop for more photos (Skipped due to knee injury – but it should morph into maybe the 2012 Princess or Tinkerbell!)
  • And one I’ll keep to myself for now

Not going to happen

  • Buy a Disney timeshare (Still want to do this, but no time pressure)
  • Go to trivia night
  • Try a spinning class
  • Set up an IRA
  • Go up to either Victoria BC or Vancouver BC for the weekend
  • Seriously look into buying a house/townhouse/condo (With my uncertain job future, going to put this one on hold)
  • Run 12 5Ks (There will be something along these lines)
  • Purge my closet (I’ve gone through it a couple of times, but never fully purged)

And there you have it.  My 33 Things list is now closed.  Stay tuned for a 34 Things list!!

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One Response to 33 Things Wrap Up

  1. FruitFly says:

    I am wanting to go to Canada, too! I have no clue when it will happen, but some day!Trivia night sounds fun!

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