Five Senses Friday

I remembered my other random thought!!  While I like the fact I can combine a little sightseeing on my business trip, I do not like packing for both work and play.  Because now I need work clothes and play clothes, work shoes and play shoes.  Which all add up to a ginormous suitcase!  But I am all packed (I hope…)


  • The sun!!  Where oh where have you been?


  • Delicious homemade chocolate chips cookies (and no, I didn’t make them)


  • Songs from Mary Poppins


  • Chicken sausages sizzling (not on the grill, although that would have been good!  But in a frying pan on the stove – my impromptu grill)


  • A little discombobulated (plus isn’t that just a fun word?)
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One Response to Five Senses Friday

  1. FruitFly says:

    Discombobulated IS a good one. It is right up there with twitterpated.I also enjoy the word "pickle." I don't even eat them, but I love the word for some reason!

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