34 Things: The Invisible Bridge

When I read Mandi’s take on The Invisible Bridge (by Julie Orringer), I put the book on my mental reading list.  Fast forward a few months and I needed a book to take with me on vacation and this one came to mind.  Oh my gosh!!  This was an incredible story!!  An epic journey through WWII following a young man from Budapest to Paris and back (have I mentioned before I am fascinated by WWII?).  I enjoy reading about places I have been and this was no exception, especially as it seems not too long ago I was in Paris as well as Budapest.  Plus the story was so compelling – each character was carefully brought to life and I cared about each one.  It was a masterful story.  I was in Austria and literally wanted to stay in my hotel room and keep reading this book.  My one complaint is that I felt it ended a little abruptly.  I would have liked a little more closure with the characters.  But it was an amazing, sweeping, powerful read.  I would highly recommend it.

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