Five Senses Friday

Ha ha!  Oops!  Guess what happens when you try to schedule a post for tomorrow, but forget to actually schedule it?  Five Senses Friday on Thursday!  Oh well – enjoy it a day early!! 🙂


  • My BFF Michelle (can you guess where??  I’ll give you three guesses!!)
  • A random green balloon floating by my window at work
  • Cars zooming past me
  • Waffle cones, popcorn, fireworks, and oranges (in an “orange field”), oh yeah and apple pie (while I was “being a guest”)
  • Sweat dripping down my back and the humidity in the air
  • Ice cream, churros, and corn dog nuggets
Did you guess where I was?  If you guessed Walt Disney World you would be absolutely correct!!  But this time was with Michelle.  I’ll tell you all about it in a later post.
  • Swim: only one swim
  • Bike: nothing yet – I’m hoping to start biking next week
  • Run: almost 5 miles – I walked my “hilly” bike route along side the freeway, not my favorite walk route since it is so loud
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One Response to Five Senses Friday

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    Mmmm…. WDW popcorn – the best popcorn in the entire world!

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