Five Senses Friday


  • Moles, bunnies, birds, and mice!


  • Squish, squish, squash.  My friend participated in a mud run and I went to cheer her on (it was extremely muddy!!  even for the spectators!).  And let me tell you – when I saw the medal I almost signed up there and then. 


  • Pad Thai


  • I think it was skunk cabbage along the river.  Not a pleasant smell.


  • TGIF!!  Seriously on Wednesday I thought it was Friday.  On Thursday I thought it was Friday.  But today it really is Friday!!
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2 Responses to Five Senses Friday

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    You just got me super excited for September! I do the Disneyland races, then the same exact week as the half I am doing the Warrior Dash. I am so ready for mud!Okay, the smell … does Seattle always smell? I felt like I was gasping for fresh air all the time. Smokers were everywhere on the sidewalks. I'm not really used to that. And then the porta potties everywhere killed me, but that's understandable on race day. I accepted the seafood smell. It felt appropriate!We're already talking about a return trip for longer so we don't have to rush! We'll have to meet up for sure then!

  2. Emily says:

    Definitely!! We'll have to meet up next time you are up here. I guess I don't notice the smell anymore! 🙂

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