Bridle Trails 10K

We’re getting close to the end of June, which means I need to participate in a race of some sort to keep up with my one event per month goal as part of my 34 Things.  My co-worker had told me about this trail run that she was planning on doing.  Emphasis on run.  I combed the website but there was no time limit that I could see.  Okay, then.  My first official purely walking race in several years.

I lined up with all the other 10Kers and felt like a fraud.  I was not going to run any bit of this race.  But since it was on a trail, rather than a road, it wouldn’t matter when I finished.  Right?  And then I saw the sign that said this was going to be a 5K, 10K or 30K race.  Woohoo!!  I may not be the last person on the course.  I will get lapped but I should be able to finish a 10K before even super fast runners finish a 30K.  A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  (Turns out there was no one doing the 30K but it definitely gave me a psychological boost.) 

The race started off with a steep uphill.  Oh great.  But I actually passed a few people on my way up the hill!  That didn’t last too long and before you knew it I was last.  I have this big fear of being the last person on the course.  Looks like I was going to face my fear today.

The trail was fairly muddy so there was a lot of zig-zagging to avoid the mud and the mud puddles.  I kept my eyes down so I could navigate between the tree roots and the mud.  So that’s pretty much how the race went – up, down, avoid the mud puddle, watch out for horse poop, mud puddle, horse.  Wait, horse?  Yup, horse!  Nice horsey.  I kept to the side of the trail as I passed the horse.  There was one close call with a tree.  I was grabbing a hold of a tree to help me around a mud puddle when I smacked into the tree!  My shirt had gotten caught.  But I stayed on my feet.  Yay! 

I was alone for most of the race, except when the 10K route intersected with the 5K route.  From about mile 3 on I was basically on a walk in the woods by myself.  Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It was very peaceful, when I took my eyes of the trail! πŸ™‚  I finally hit mile 6 and the rest of the course was mainly downhill.  As I rounded the corner towards the finish, I saw the remaining volunteers packing up.  Yup, last one on the course.  But when they saw me, they cheered.  I love cheers!  Even if they are pity cheers for the last person.

My goal was to come in under 1:40 and I’m super happy to say I came in at 1:39:26!  Which is just over a 16 minute per mile pace.  Hallelujah!!  (Disney race pace is 16 minutes per mile.)  I still have 6 months (give or take) to improve on my time.  Ideally I would like to get under 15 minutes per mile.  And there is always hope my physical therapist will okay me to run! 

And I learned something else from the posted times – there were 2 people behind me.  I wasn’t last! 

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3 Responses to Bridle Trails 10K

  1. Alison says:

    Congrats, that's a big accomplishment! I have a bit of a fear of coming in last in a race, but the more I think about it, the less I worry. I mean, I wouldn't really be last — all of the people who didn't even try would be FAR behind me!Good for you for getting out and doing it!

  2. ATTrio says:

    Hey there, Congrats on your race and I love it that you are doing so many races and such! walking is no small thing. It is hard and very mentally challenging so KUDOS to you. Also, I am training for my first tri as well so if you come across any good tips I'd love to hear about them!! Have fun =)-Jen

  3. Fruit Fly says:

    This sounds like my first 10K! I only beat 2 people but was sure I was dead last the entire time. I'm so glad you didn't fall. I was going to give you a hard time if you did an Italian cliff repeat and hurt yourself.Nice job on getting in your June race. And hey – Disney's course is a lot easier, so even if you solely walked it you'd beat 16mm no problem. Unless, of course, they put out horses, hills and mud! πŸ˜‰

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