And this concludes the training portion

If it is Sunday it must be time to take a look back at training for the week.  Especially since this will be the last training post.  Next Sunday at this time I will (hopefully) have completed my third half marathon!!

Monday – hot yoga with one of my favorite teachers!!  Yay!!

Tuesday – 2 miles with the out being a big uphill followed big a gradual downhill which means the back is a gradual uphill but finishes on a downhill

Wednesday – Pure Barre which was tough but I parked in the right parking lot this time!!

Thursday – 3 miles with the sun setting in a glorious ball of pink and orange

Saturday – last long training walk.  The question being, did I want to do 12 miles on a more hilly, and more similar to the race trail, or did I want my normal, super flat trail?  I was leaning towards the more hilly trail when I remembered there weren’t bathrooms on this trail.  Okay, super flat trail it is.  But I did want to mix it up a little so I parked near my normal turn-around spot and went into somewhat unknown territory.  I had gotten a later than I wanted start considering it was going to be hot this weekend but it was still comfortable out when I got started.  Off I went and close to 2 miles into it I realized I had made the right choice with the trail with bathrooms as it was fast becoming an emergency to find a bathroom.  I rounded the corner and saw a Honey Bucket.  Thank goodness!!  And then came the realization that the door was locked.  What??  Don’t panic.  There was a map and on it showed a bathroom not to far up the path.  So up the path I went and over the bridge and to the bathroom.  It was much better than a random Honey Bucket!!  After that unscheduled detour it was back to the walk.  I was moving pretty good and there were even a few little hills.  I was nearing my turn-around and starting to need another bathroom when I heard some cyclists point out an upcoming park.  Oh thank goodness!!  Parks generally equal bathrooms and sure enough there was a bathroom.  I didn’t have much further to go so I finished up my 6 and turned around so I could use the bathroom officially on my way back.  I’m funny that way, sometimes it is so mental.  It was starting to get downright hot but I was coming up on the stretch of the path completely surrounded by trees which immediately cooled me down.  The last two miles were not in the shade.  I was so ready to be done at this point.  And then I was done.  Yay!!  

Tired tootsies
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