Five Senses Friday

It has been a rough week.  But it is almost over!  I’m so thankful for my massage tomorrow!!


  • A fantastic race at Kona!!  Huge congrats out to Crowie & Chrissie.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched Chrissie cross the finish line  And a huge congrats out to all those who raced at Kona.  Each time I watch it I think maybe…  But then I come back down to reality.  I do really want to attend Kona one of these years though to just be a part of the race.


  • The soundtrack to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (I leave next week!!!)


  •  Too many snacks!  Fruit snacks, fruit leather, goldfish, M&Ms…oh and my new fave – Peanut Butter Snickers!!


  •  A little anxious about my Halloween costume (I leave for WDW in less than a week and it hasn’t arrived!!)


  •   Maple syrup
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    2 Responses to Five Senses Friday

    1. Fruit Fly says:

      So fun that you're going to Not So Scary this year!! I'm so bummed I'm missing out on all of that, but I'm already working on next year's costume for the W&D 5K and Half. I forgot I need my Not So Scary one, too!Get busy packing!!

    2. Mandi says:

      Sorry to hear that it's been a rough week. I hope things start improving soon!

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