I’m Really Getting Sick of Riding Rides with You

So while those words did come out of Jessica’s mouth they originated with a kid in front of us while we were waiting for the Yeti (proper title being Expedition Everest, but much more of a mouthful than to simply call it the Yeti).  It cracked us up and so became our go-to phrase during the trip!  I think we’re going to do a bullet point extravaganza to sum up the trip because that means it will actually get done!

  • On the Magical Express video, Huey, Dewey and Louie are on the screen and the little kid behind me goes “3 Donalds!”  And this is just another reason why Disney needs a Classic Disney channel to show all the old cartoons!!  That way Huey, Dewey and Louie are not mistaken for their uncle!
  • We had to work our way up to the Yeti with the trio of dinosaur rides – Dinosaur Dumbo (I don’t know its real name), Primeval Whirl, and Dinosaur.
  • We were entertained (and reassured) while we were in line for the Yeti by 4 cousins (ages 7 to 12).  The one who said “I’m really getting sick of riding rides with you” was pulled out of line by mom and substituted with a girl cousin.  They were super cute and helped pass the time.  Although they did tell us that the Harry Potter ride was not a good ride.
  • I just discovered the fruit and cheese snacks at Animal Kingdom!!  Yum!
  • Jessica, errr Cruella, got reprimanded by most of the characters at Mickey’s Not So Scary.  Poor puppies!  
  • I did get recognized as Minnie (I’m sure the ears helped!) and Minnie liked my outfit! 🙂 
  • I remembered the Headless Horseman being way cooler.
  • Ditto with Cinderella’s carriage.
  • We did not do so well getting candy at the Halloween party – and it was not the good candy either (i.e. no chocolate).  I was fairly disappointed in my candy haul.
  • I felt a little like a traitor going to Universal but good things about Universal?  Starbucks, the super cool hand dryer machines, and BUTTERBEER!
  • I was nervous about going on Harry Potter for several reasons, one being would I be able to fit considering I’m on the bigger side?  I sat in the test chair outside the ride and was given the okay that I could sit in any chair I wanted.  Whew!
  • Harry Potter was a crazy ride!!  But fun!  And much better if you close your eyes in the room with the spiders.  
  • Of course the second time I got stuck in the room with the dementors.  Ick!
  • Butterbeer was DELICIOUS!  (A cross between cream soda and butterscotch.)
  • Loved Suess Landing!
  • Usually it’s Toy Story over Rockin’ Rollercoaster, but this time it was the other way around.  
  • Jessica IS the rebel spy!
  • Um, when did Lightning McQueen replace Herbie on Lights, Motors, Action?!
  • Watching Fantasmic while Illuminations is going on is a little distracting.
  • We brought our sweatshirts instead of buying new Mickey ones.  Which is probably the more fiscally responsible thing to do. 
  • Not having a park hopper option is somewhat liberating!  Instead of deciding what park to go to next when you are done, you just go home.
  • I love driving to Magic Kingdom (and Epcot) and looking at roads I’ve run on – and will again in February.  Ack!!  That isn’t that far away!!
  • We had zero line magic at Epcot.  Which meant no Mexico and no Nemo.  Boo.  Guess that means another trip is in order! 🙂  Hey, how about February?
  • There is no gum sold in the Orlando Airport.  Seriously.  No gum sold in the entire airport.  Normally it wouldn’t bother me, except I caught a cold and so really needed gum on the way home.  No such luck.  It was a fairly painful descent (although I’ve probably had worse, but this was the worst in recent memory).  And my ears are still plugged.  Ugh.

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    2 Responses to I’m Really Getting Sick of Riding Rides with You

    1. Fruit Fly says:

      TriceraTop Spin. I hate Primeval Whirl.Harry Potter was awesome, as well as the Butter Beer!I didn't know Herbie was gone. :(Very cute costumes!Okay, so here is our trick for trick or treating. We came home with TONS. Alright, you start with your bag that they give you. Have another bag with you (a tote, big purse or popcorn tub works great!). As your bag fills, take candy out and put it where they can't see it (my popcorn tub was a lifesaver!!). Then when you trick or treat they see how your friends have so much more, and you get double handfuls! I don't even eat candy, yet I was totally on board with this plan of figuring out how we could maximize what we got. I bet we had 2 full bags worth by the end of the night!

    2. Emily says:

      Oh yeah – TriceraTop Spin!Oooh, good tips on the candy!!

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