Foggy & Cold Run #1.3

Wow, December is speeding by!!  But thankfully I will not be boarding a plane for the rest of the year.  I love getting on a plane and going somewhere, but after three almost back to back to back trips I am ready to be at home. 

I came back from Vegas (which means I didn’t hit the jackpot – darn!) late Sunday.  So I took Monday morning off to sleep in as well as get 7 miles in.  I went to my more hilly route, but I was determine to avoid doing the big bad hill twice.  Once is bad enough!!  Which meant a few loops and zig zags to pick up distance and make my loop that much longer so I would only have to do it once, rather than doubling back.  And I succeeded!!  Hooray!!  Stupid hill.  My running increments are now up to one whole minute!  I haven’t figured out how to input intervals on my Garmin so instead, at the start of each new song I would run.  My knee held up again really well.  Towards the end, it started getting a little achy, but no real pain.

There was more I was going to say, but the words are not coming to me so I’ll leave at that.

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One Response to Foggy & Cold Run #1.3

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    Oh gosh, I'm trying to remember where…. and I may have bookmarked it… I saw great directions on setting up a run/walk thing on your Garmin – with tips on how to set it so you can go for loooonnnngggg runs and have the intervals set up the whole time. I'll look at home and see if I have it on my favorites list! It was handy and I always use that setting on my Garmin now!

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