Bitte Warten

Holy cow!!  The fact I have a Tinker Bell waiver in my hand means the Tinker Bell Half is coming up way too fast!!  I knew this was going to be tricky being at the end of January (since work can be super busy at the beginning of January).  I believe “busy” is best defined by the person, since it can have such a variety of meanings so we’ll leave it at super busy for me.  Well actually I’m going to change it to crazy busy for me.  I am now emerging from the fog that has been my world for the past few weeks.  I feel oh so behind.  And not even close to being ready.  For a half marathon.  IN TWO WEEKS!  But then I remember I’ve done 10 miles and I breathe again.  In and out.  An almost 2 week break will derail some training, but it won’t derail all of it.  Or so I’m desperately hoping.  Right?

The silver lining in this craziness?  The accomplishment of #15 on my 34 Things List – no TV for an entire week.  Check.  Okay, so it wasn’t on purpose, but I’m still counting it! 🙂

Moving on, I’m number 3911!  I love how it rolls off the tongue – 3911.  I think this will be a good number for me.

And with that, I’m done with my warten (or in English I’m done waiting, I just think being told bitte warten instead of please wait makes the wait a little more fun).

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