Five Senses Friday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these and even though this one will be dominated with the sights and sounds of the snowpocalypse turned icepocalypse, I thought it might be fun anyway. 


  • Winter Wonderland everywhere


  • Tree branches cracking and breaking under the strain of the ice and snow 
  • ETA:  At my massage I was told I had well developed calf muscles!  Nice! 


  • I made some more Red Lentil Soup because a snow day sounds like a soup day to me!


  • Hot Chocolate  


  • Wishing for spring to be right around the corner!!  (And might I add a tad FREAKED out by the fact the Tinker Bell half is a mere 9 days away!!!)

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    One Response to Five Senses Friday

    1. Fruit Fly says:

      TINKER!!!!!What a lovely complement about your calves!

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