Run #2.1 Way to Go!

Woohoo!!  We are officially in Princess Half Training!  And thanks to my handy dandy numbering system (that I stole from Fruit Fly) we know it is half marathon #2 in this year of half marathons.  It’s hard to believe that it was just one week ago today that I was basking in the glow of finishing the Tinker Bell Half and here I am gearing up for the next one.  Who thought this was going to be a good idea?  Ha!

The sun was out, but it was definitely chilly.  I took a slight detour off my normal paved path and did about a mile on a gravel path that ran parallel to mix up my route a bit.  I was feeling pretty good for most of the way.  And then my legs started feeling heavy.  Like they were weighed down with lead.  Fortunately I only had a few miles to go at this point.  And even better a lady called out to me as she was running by “Way to be out here and get it done!”  And then I was done.  Take that 10 miles!!

I may have mentioned before that 10 miles is my magic number.  Once I hit that mark my confidence level soars.  Whew!  I feel good getting this 10 miles done.

Now to get my football and commercial watching on! 🙂

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