Run #2.2 Crosswalks, Red Lights & Husky Stadium

The Princess Half keeps creeping closer and closer.  Only two more long runs – today being 11 miles.  But where to do them?  I have been changing my starting point on my normal trail to throw some variety into the mix.  And then I saw Running In Pink Project’s post on taking the road less traveled and I was inspired to find a completely different path.

I ended up at Gas Works Park to catch the Burke Gilman trail.  It was definitely different!  I started off heading towards Ballard, along the canal but I ran out of trail fairly quickly.  Now what do I do?  So I turned around and headed back towards the University of Washington, passing by the construction site that used to be Husky Stadium (and will be again, eventually).  It was fun exploring a different area, although this path had a lot more traffic activity including crosswalks and stopping for red lights.  Stopping for the red lights was not good for my momentum (which is why on my last one I looked very carefully around and crossed before it was actually my turn – shhh!).

This was just a ho-hum run.  Nothing too exciting.  I’m kind of ready for training to be over and just run the race.

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2 Responses to Run #2.2 Crosswalks, Red Lights & Husky Stadium

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    I just ran new terrain today and it was so fun! It’s cool how just seeing different things makes a run so much more fun!

    Princess is coming up so fast!! I’m going to live vicariously through you that weekend!

  2. Mandi says:

    I guess it’s important to balance new routes with old favorites. Enough so you don’t get bored, but still taking advantage of your experiences on the tried and true routes — I’ve found that I love knowing exactly how much energy I need to expend, and running my favorite routes helps me gauge that better. But the excitement of a new running path can also help entertain and pass the time! Hope you can find another 11-mile route for your training.

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