Run #2.3 – Last Stop before Orlando

Another Sunday, another run day!  Saturday night church has done a lot for my Sunday running!  I decided to head back to Gas Works park to catch the Burke Gilman trail.  I was glad the mini “storm” from Saturday had passed and there was even glimpses of sun.

I started out and seemed to be hitting the cross walks at the right time – not too much waiting for the light to change.  I think the best part about this part of the trail is going by Husky Stadium and seeing all the purple and gold banners.  I was feeling pretty good, although I was hoping the wind would be at my back when I turned around but no, it was still swirling around me.

This was probably one of the better runs I’ve had lately.  I kept fairly consistent 12 / 13 minute miles.  I have been having a slight twinge in my ankle the past week and for the majority of the run it wasn’t there (although towards the end it was definitely making its presence known).

I had been starting to think people weren’t as friendly on this stretch of the trail, but today there were a few more smiles and hellos.

There you have it!  Next stop – Princess Half and the Coast to Coast medal.  And now I’m relaxing with my ice packs and getting caught up on Person of Interest.  And I scheduled a massage for tomorrow!  Yay!

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One Response to Run #2.3 – Last Stop before Orlando

  1. Taryn says:

    Super exciting!! Can’t wait to hear how the Princess Half goes!! 🙂

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