Princess Half Meet-Up & Expo

Hello!  I’m back!  What a weekend – I had a great time with my BFF Michelle & family, got to go to the Jeff Galloway meet up and as a teaser – I shaved 4 minutes of my Tinker Bell Half time.  Hooray!  I’m going to break up the recaps in hopes they won’t be as overwhelming…

I was fortunate to be selected for runDisney’s Princess Half Meet-Up which featured a chance to run with Jeff Galloway and several other surprises.  It started at 6:30 am (which since I had flown in the day before meant it really started at 3:30 am Pacific time!).  I had planned on taking a taxi over to Epcot, but walking into the lobby I spotted a girl dressed to go running and put on my brave face and asked if she was also going to the meet-up.  She was and I invited myself into her car.  Woohoo!!  (It was also her birthday – so Happy Birthday!)

We arrived and signed in and were given bags with our runDisney t-shirts to change into.  The shirt felt really tight, but I never thought to check the size – yeah, turns out they had given me a small.  Without saying my true size, let me just say that I can’t remember the last time I was a size small.  So there I was with my super tight-fitting shirt (thank goodness it was stretchy and black!) feeling super uncomfortable.  All my shy, introverted senses kicked in and I did my best to become invisible and fade into the crowd.

But first a picture

After the introductions, we were split into two groups, one group would be straight running (with the super fast girls) and the other group would be led by Jeff Galloway and would be run/walk/running.  I chose Jeff’s group.

And we were off!  We basically did a loop and a half around the World Showcase, ending up in Germany.  I had been a little nervous about the 12 minute per mile pace required and while I was in the back, I wasn’t last.  Whew!

Paris (have I mentioned I'm going for real in a week?!)

In Germany we were shown into the Biergarten Restaurant where there was a selection of bagels, fruit, and other goodies for us.  Also, we were given a tiara!  How cool is that?

I chose a table to sit at and guess who else ended up sitting there?  Three of the guest speakers!  Lori – the runDisney rep on the Disney Mom’s panel, Rachel – a two-time winner of the Disneyland Half (and eventual winner of the Princess Half on Sunday!), and Betty – Fitness magazine editor-in-chief.

Can you see me?

Jeff spoke, sharing with us and answering questions, followed by the three ladies I mentioned above.  Last was Suzy Favor Hamilton – motivational speaker and former Olympic runner.  She was very motivational and got us inspired and dancing to Katy Perry’s Firework.

Jeff Galloway

Our last special guest was Princess Minnie!!  Yay!!  We also had the opportunity for photo-ops with Princess Minnie, Rapunzel & Snow White.  I skipped Rapunzel as her line was long.

Me & Princess Minnie

What an amazing opportunity!  Thanks runDisney!!  I would definitely do this again (wrong-size shirt and all).  If you ever have the chance to do one of these meet-ups I would highly recommend it.

Somewhere along the way, I found a group who was immediately heading over to the expo so I shamelessly invited myself along.  Wow – twice in one day?  Who am I?  Seriously, for as insecure & shy as I was feeling that day – that was pretty brave for me.

Arriving at the expo found it to be a bit of a madhouse.  I passed on the photo-op with Cinderella’s carriage as the line was crazy long.  I got my bib, coast to coast bracelet and my race retreat bracelet before I breezed through the expo.  In what is now tradition, I picked up my “I Did It” shirt and a few other official merchandise pieces before heading back to the hotel.  After all, I had to get some park time in!! 🙂

Expo Welcome


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10 Responses to Princess Half Meet-Up & Expo

  1. Mandi says:

    Sounds like fun! And you’re totally rocking that Small too — I never would have noticed that you felt uncomfortable. Looking forward to the race report!

  2. Taryn says:

    That looks like such a blast!!! How fun!!!

    And if you wouldn’t have said anything about your shirt…I would never have known you were feeling uncomfortable in it…you look great!

  3. Fruit Fly says:

    I had some other friends at that meet up, too! I’ve got to get myself in on one of those. I was going to try for it for WDW Marathon weekend, but I was already registered for the 5K and they were the same day. Maybe for Tower of Terror!

    Can’t wait for the big report!!

  4. We should meet up next time. 🙂

  5. Ricole Runs says:

    How did you sign-up or try to be a part of this? This looks AWESOME and I’m jealous you ran with Jeff Galloway! 🙂

    • Emily says:

      They just started doing this for the Disney races. About a week or so before the race start stalking the Disney Parks blog or twitter. They usually tell you a day (sometimes a time) and you have to be one of the first to RSVP to the email address they provide. I missed out for Tinker Bell but fortunately was able to do it for Princess.

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