Disney Musings

Before we get to the race, lets talk about the fun stuff!  This time around my cheer squad consisted of my BFF Michelle, Jason, Janette, Miss B and Miss R.  We’ll do a bullet point extravaganza because I like the bullet points! 🙂


  • After a long day of travelling I met up with Michelle & Jason at Downtown Disney for dinner at Earl of Sandwich (yum!) and shopping.


  • After the expo, I hurried over to the Magic Kingdom and met up with the girls just in time for the Tea Cups – I rode with Michelle & Miss B and we went FAST.
  • It was Miss B’s first time on Splash Mountain and in her words “it was awesome!!”
  • Getting soaked on Splash Mountain as the sun goes down means it is time to buy a new Mickey sweatshirt.
  • In what has become tradition for me & Michelle, we ate corn dog nuggets while waiting for the Main Street Electrical Parade to begin.
  •  Big Thunder was closed.  Boo!
  • Dumbo & Barnstormer should be open soon!  Yay!


  • After Splash Mountain, Miss B took on the Yeti!
  • Restaurantasaurus isn’t the same since they changed their menu.
  • Fantasmic can still make me cry.


  • Nemo!  Mexico!  (I missed both of these rides last time.)
  • It threatened to rain most of the day but never really did.
  • I finally got my Mickey ice cream.
  • We took the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom.
  • We watched the fireworks from behind the castle.
  • And then it was time to say goodbye.


  • I got up WAY too early (especially after having been up since 2:30 am on Sunday) and was at the Magic Kingdom in time to see it open.
  • I took both medals and got a few pictures.  Of course the humidity didn’t help with the hair situation!
  • I hit it’s a small world and Philharmagic and then it was time to go…
  • I love that I can eat Chick-fil-a at the airport!!

For the first time in a while I don’t have a trip to Disney planned.  I will have to remedy this soon.

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5 Responses to Disney Musings

  1. Taryn says:

    What an amazing time!!

  2. Fruit Fly says:

    Love the post! Love the photos!

    …Tower of Terror. Do Tower of Terror!

  3. Michelle Sharp says:

    Had so much fun! Cannot wait to do it again soon!!!

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