Kirkland Shamrock 5K

What a week of weather we’ve withstood!!  (And yes, I had to go to the thesaurus to find a “W” word to finish my alliteration.)  And I missed half the week being in Paris until Wednesday.  Since coming home I’ve been treated to hail and torrential rains.  Ugh.

I was hopeful that maybe the rain would hold off for this morning, but woke up to the sound of rain.  Well it is March and it is Seattle.  I was just hoping it wasn’t the torrential rain we had earlier in the week.  And it did hold off for the race.  After the race is another story when it started snowing!

I met up with my crew (several co-workers were also participating).  Some of us were running and some of us were walking.  I was part of the running crew (which was just me & Teresa and Teresa’s dogs).  The start was a bit chaotic – the runners were supposed to go first, followed by runners with dogs, runners with strollers, and finally walkers.  But walkers, dogs, and strollers started with the first group so Teresa & I jumped in.  We had talked prior to the race and basically said we were doing this more for fun and we’d run when we could and walk when we needed to, which I was happy about since Teresa is faster than I am.

It was really freeing to have no goal for this race and just enjoy it.  I actually felt really good the entire race.  I was telling Teresa my next goal is to get my 5K time under 40 minutes (prior to my knee injury I had finally gotten my 5K down to 36 minutes).

We were heading towards the finish and Teresa tells me she’d take both dogs and I could go for my finish.  I asked if she was sure as I was handing over Hooper’s leash.  Yes, I totally got caught up in the finish line scramble.  I didn’t completely take off and leave them behind, but I did extend the distance between us.

I was nearing the finish line and I heard “GO EMILY” but I had finish line tunnel vision so I kept going.  I turned around after the finish line to see one of Jessica’s friends who was there cheering on some of her friends.

Remember how I said my next goal was to get my 5K time under 40 minutes?  My official time for today was 39:02!  Holy cow!  I really didn’t think we were going that fast.  Well alright.  Guess I need a new 5K goal! 🙂

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