Run #3.2 Increase in Intervals

Seven miles on tap for today!  Due to a last-minute invite to a birthday breakfast, I had to do a little reshuffling.  As in, set my alarm for a lot earlier than I planned and head towards Gas Works park.  I arrived at the park right before 7 a.m. as the sun was coming up.  A disturbing sight greeted me – I was the only car.  I don’t know why that freaked me out but it did – I did not think I would be the first one.  I went to use the restroom and stretch and when I came back out towards the parking lot a few other cars had arrived which made me feel better.

I had been debating upping my run intervals for a while and as I started out this morning I decided today would be the day!  Time to start two-minute run intervals!  The first few intervals felt good.  And then the cold air got to me.  I don’t know if I have shared this but I have asthma.  It used to affect me a lot more (when I was a kid) but I have somewhat outgrown it.  However, triggers are cold air and exercise.  Go figure.  I have an emergency inhaler in my car in case my breathing gets really bad, but I hate using inhalers.  I felt my breathing getting shallow so I immediately backed off and started taking slow, deliberate breaths and was able to get it under control.  This hasn’t happened in a while, but thank goodness it was easily controlled.

Back to the two-minute intervals.  I don’t know why it took me this long to realize this path isn’t completely flat – it has deceptive inclines and declines.  You think it is flat, but it isn’t.  I’m starting to get a little nervous for the potential hills on the Seattle RnR course, so maybe deceptive flats are a good thing!  But I really do need to start working real hills into my route.

The sun was definitely on its way up and I was happy to reach the turn-around when I did as the sun was now at my back.  The two-minute intervals were starting to get a little harder by the interval.  And my knee was starting to get cranky.  I haven’t been as good about icing my knee every day as it has been doing so good.    Apparently I need to be more diligent about icing and go back to icing it every night.  But I stuck with the intervals and was soon greeted by the sight of the Seattle skyline in the distance.  I know I’m close when the skyline comes into view!

I got back to the parking lot (where there were a lot more cars!) and it was off to breakfast.

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