Mmm, Pizza

I have been seriously craving pizza.  Did I mention I went on a mini (modified) cleanse?  It was modified so it wasn’t as intense, but I still had cravings throughout.  The main craving being pizza!!  Towards the end of last year I (re)joined Weight Watchers, but lately I haven’t been sticking to any sort of healthy eating and I thought a mini cleanse would refocus my efforts back to Weight Watchers.  With the cleanse over, how do I solve my pizza craving, without completely blowing all the work I did with the cleanse?  I found this recipe over at The Lean Green Bean – sweet potato crust, lots of veggies and bean dip as the sauce.  Interesting.

Grocery list in hand I went to Whole Foods, thinking they would have everything I need.  The recipe called for chickpea flour.  In the flour section, they had every kind of flour imaginable, except I could not find chickpea flour.  So intead I settled for some whole wheat flour and called it good.

I got my cooking on and ended up with this beauty!

It did go a long way to calming my pizza craving (not completely erasing it).  I think if I were to make it again, I would make the crust not quite as thick.   But it was quite delicious and I plan on making it again (with or without the chickpea flour!).

And now I’m busily making my playlist for tomorrow’s 12K.   My goal?  To beat my 12Ks of Christmas time of 1:39:43.  Doable?  I think so.

(My secret goal is to finish in under 1:35!)

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One Response to Mmm, Pizza

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    Now HERE’s the Emily I know — pizza!!! 😉

    … we just made pizza for Easter dinner!

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