Seahawks 12K

This morning was the Seahawks 12K, otherwise known as Run #3.3 Wind at My Back & My Front.  All the way up to yesterday I hadn’t been sure what shirt I was going to wear.  At packet pick-up my decision was made.  I picked up my lime green race t-shirt.  I don’t always wear the race shirt on race day, but how could I not when the shirt was lime green and would go fantastic with my blue Team Sparkle skirt and I would be totally decked out in Seahawks colors!

I arrived at the race site and I immediately found Teresa (my co-worker)!  Yay!  There was no rain, but the wind was definitely swirling.  I’d rather have the rain!  We took shelter by a fire truck, which did block the wind a bit.  The race announcer assured us the wind was dying down.

And we were off!  I went with my new 2 minute run intervals.  After going round the block we headed off on Lake Washington Boulevard.  Remember how I said I was trying to work hills into my routes?  Welcome to hills!  They weren’t too horrific (on the way out at least).

We came up to mile 4 and I saw Teresa on her way back.  Rounding the corner, we headed into the VMAC parking lot (the Seahawks practice facility).  The water station was manned by Seahawks players.  I didn’t recognize any of them though – maybe if they’d had their helmets on!  Ha!

Running around the VMAC was really cool!  You could see glimpses into the building.  Members of the drum line were there, entertaining us.   And then it was back onto Lake Washington Boulevard where BAM! the wind showed up.  Well that explains the good mile times so far.  Thank you tail wind!  But boy oh boy, the head wind going back was rough.  And those hills?  Yeah, they were way harder on the way back.  Part of my difficulty might have been due to the wind, which really didn’t let up.

We got towards the end of Lake Washington and all of a sudden a big roar drew my attention – a big jet had just taken off from Renton Field!

Mile 7 came and went and according to my Garmin, I was basically on pace for my secret goal.  That last little bit seemed to take forever!!  And the clock was ticking ever closer to 1:35.  I finally saw Teresa cheering me on and I knew the finish line had to be close!  And there it was!!  The race clock said 1:36 and some change so I knew I had made my goal (since I had some grace time).

My official time was 1:33:27!!  Woohoo!!  I have a new 12K PR!  And I’m officially done with #23 on my 34 Things list!

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1 Response to Seahawks 12K

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    Congrats on your PR!! That’s freaking awesome!
    And you know what else is awesome? Your outfit!

    Those hills made my quads hurt. I have no idea what they are like – but I hear hills and I hurt!

    Nice job!

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