Run #3.4 I Spy an Eagle

Happy Easter!  My day started off with 8 miles.  I knew they had the potential of being way more than I wanted as I haven’t done much the past week or so due to very full days.  I value my sleep so my exercise levels dropped significantly (unless you count lunges to and from the printer and a plank a day).  But I don’t have a lot of extra time built into my schedule for Portland, so off I went.

Knowing it might be a little tougher than normal, I opted for my very flat route.  It actually wasn’t too bad, except for my constant need for a bathroom.  (TMI, I know…)  Thankfully I also chose the route with bathrooms!

I was probably about halfway back when I spotted something up in the tree.  I wasn’t sure what it was, but if I could see it this far back, I knew it had to be big.  The closer I got, I realized it was an eagle!  In the tree!  By the river!  On my run!  It. Was. Massive.  And very content on its perch high up in the tree.  I kept looking up until I couldn’t any longer.  How exciting!

My animal encounters continued.  I finished my run and was stretching when I felt something watching me.  I looked around and then down.  A squirrel was peeking around the corner at me.  When he saw I was looking at him, he scampered away.

Then it was church, followed by Easter lunch with the family.  My sister (sans husband and one dog who were both home sick) showed up with Jensen (my favorite of her two dogs, but shhh – don’t tell Samson).  How cute are English bulldogs?  The rest of the family was there too, but I think Jensen got most of the attention.


Isn’t my mom the best?  Cadbury eggs and black jelly beans for me!  My favorites!

My Easter Basket

Yup, I am one of the many Android users who was super excited to finally have access to and I have been having fun playing with it.

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2 Responses to Run #3.4 I Spy an Eagle

  1. Fruit Fly says:

    Okay, that happy look on Jensen’s face is absolutely adorable!

  2. Abby says:

    Instagram is the best! You should’ve gotten a pic of the eagle with it 😉

    Cadbury Cream Eggs are my fav!!

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