Run #3.5 A Pirate PR

What does it take to PR?  It can be a myriad of things coming together – training, weather, course – or it could be the simple reason that you’ve never raced this distance before.  Which was the case this morning!  First time doing an 8K race equals PR (even if I don’t know my official time yet!  Hurry, hurry, hurry – I want to see my time!).

But before we get to the race itself, let’s talk about the pre-race 4 miles.  On tap for this weekend was 9 miles.  When the 8K (approx 5 miles) race presented itself, I figured I could do 4 miles before the race.  I’ve seen other people do this before – combine a race with additional miles.  Well it was my turn this time.  Once again it was a week of not much activity so I was a little worried about how my body was going to respond to 9 miles.

My alarm went off and I really wanted to stay in my nice, warm bed.  But I got up and left for the park.  The race was taking place in an area I’m not super familiar with, but I parked across from where the race was going to take place.  There was a dock jetting out into Lake Washington circling, creating a little inlet of sorts, so I set off, circling it twice before heading off to explore.  I tried to stay close to the race site so I did a lot of loops, and finished up by circling the dock one more time.

I’m such a freak about time.  That was probably my biggest worry about this morning.  Would I have enough time to complete the 4 miles before the race?  Would I have too much time in between?  I ended up with just about the right amount of time in between (if on the long side).   It was enough time to grab my shirt and number, reapply my chapstick, and use the real bathroom before heading across the street.

I met up with a couple of co-workers who were also running the race.  There were lots of pirate outfits (including one super cute cocker spaniel in a pirate outfit).  Since I hadn’t planned on doing this race, I didn’t have enough time to come up with a good pirate costume so I ended up wearing the official race shirt (two races in a row!) since it did feature a skull and crossbones!  Plus I was told by several people I had a cute skirt! 🙂

I really didn’t have a goal (or even a secret goal) for this race going into it.  But as I stood at the start line I realized my ultimate goal would be around an hour.  I wished my co-workers good luck and we were off!

Remember how I’ve been saying I wanted to incorporate more hills?  So this course was definitely a rolling course.  And I swear it was a run interval going up each and every hill and a walk interval doing down the hills.  What is the old saying?  Be careful what you wish for?  Ha!  Apparently all I need to work more hills into my training is sign up for more races.

Towards the end my knee was definitely on the cranky side.  I’m back to icing it, but I think the several weeks of inactivity took its toll.

I came across the finish line and got in line to get my pirate “booty”!  Everyone who raced got something out of the treasure chest.  It was a long line but in the end it was worth it!  I ended up with a coupon for a massage!  Which is what I wanted!  Yay!  The coupon for the cupcake wasn’t as exciting as they weren’t cupcakes but chocolates.  The chocolate was good, but it wasn’t a cupcake.

Now I’m chilling on the couch, catching up on The Amazing Race (they went to Neuschwanstein!!!) and icing the heck out of it.

And I STILL don’t know my time!!  Not that I’m checking every 5 minutes or anything…

ETA: Times are up!  My official time is 1:01:56 – so a little bit further away from an hour than I would have liked, but still decent.  And still a PR no matter how you slice it! 🙂

Captain Jack 8K

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One Response to Run #3.5 A Pirate PR

  1. Abby says:

    Congrats on your race! That IS a super cute skirt.
    Smart move on the changing shirts. I ran a few miles before a race once and I didn’t time it correctly. I was waiting for the race to start freezing in the dead of winter in the race’s cotton tshirt. Not smart.

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