Tiptoe through the 2012 Tulips

It’s April!  Which means it is time to visit the tulips!  And this time I went with my fancy camera (which I am still using mainly in automatic mode.  Sad.).  I met up with Diane & we drove up in her convertible with the top down since it was a gorgeous day!  And I have the sunburn to prove how beautiful the day was.

The tulips were fantastic as usual.  Taking in all the colors, with the mountains in the distance, I am reminded again of why I love where I live.  I complain about the weather, but you have mountains, water, trees, tulips, fairly mild weather (most of the time), and you just have to deal with gray and rain for the majority of the year.  Not saying I wouldn’t live somewhere else (if given the opportunity) but if I did, it would be temporary and I would end up back here eventually.

After our fill of tulips, we headed back by way of a winery which had delicious pineapple wine!!

This took a few takes

So pretty

This was my favorite field - all the pinks and purples!

Obligatory feet pic! 🙂

Oops! I accidentally broke a tulip.

But the picture was worth it!

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