Smells like Sunscreen

So….my birthday has come and gone.  I don’t know that I’ve yet made peace with this birthday, but I really don’t have a choice, seeing as how time marches on and no one has invented a stop time machine.  (Two best inventions that have yet to be invented – a stop time machine and a teleporter.)  However, I was at the happiest place on earth (or one of them) for my actual birthday.  It was the first time I celebrated my actual birthday at a Disney park.  And for the record, being at WDW for my birthday?  Absolutely amazing!!

Before we get into the bullet point bonanza that was my weekend, let’s start off with the funniest part of the trip.  Friday night we arrived back at the hotel and I noticed we hadn’t been given any new coffee packets.  Bummer.  We went to bed and the last dream I had before waking up was that Jana & I had already woken up and were in the process of getting ready when housekeeping knocked on our door.  I answered and asked if they could come back in a little while and I also asked if they could give us some coffee packets.  She gave me two steaming cups of coffee.  I handed one to Jana and she said (in the dream) “Mmm, Maxwell House.  Good to the last drop.”  Random dream, right?  I wake up and start to get ready.  Jana wakes up and I start to tell her my dream.  I get as far as “let me tell you about my dream” when there is a knock at the door.  I answer it and it is housekeeping so I ask them to come back later and ask for coffee.  I close the door and Jana is super excited I got coffee.  And I tell her that my dream just happened in real life.  Except it was coffee packets rather than a steaming cup of coffee.

  • Apparently we were there at the same time as Cheer Worlds (or Dance).  So cheerleaders were everywhere (including on the flight to and from).
  • It was H-O-T!  Which is a fantastic excuse for Mickey ice cream!
  • It also meant sunscreen was in abundance.  Several times we’d walk by an area and you could smell the sunscreen.
  • The Yeti is one of those rides you need to ride when you aren’t too full OR you aren’t too hungry or your tummy won’t like it.
  • Pizzafari rocks the casbah!
  • When it’s uber hot out, you may end up watching a lot of shows at Hollywood.
  • Jana demolished me on Toy Story (and Buzz Lightyear).
  • We were all jazzed for chicken nuggets but we got up to the window and were told they were out of chicken nuggets.  Boo!
  • There is a nightclub at Coronado, and we ate breakfast there.  How cool is that?
  • Epcot is hard when it is boiling outside!!  There is no shade anywhere!
  • But you gotta love all the topiaries for the Flower & Garden Festival
  • We went on the Behind the Seeds tour and learned about flies and wasps and saw a Mickey pumpkin!
  • I love Via Napoli!
  • Why isn’t there a Soarin’ Over London?
  • When it’s this hot out, you may end up on Splash Mountain.
  • On it’s a small world we sat in front of a guy who was trying to impress a girl – best quotes were “this is just like the pirates ride, if you were on acid” and “I have grandiose wishes, I need two pennies”.
  • We got to ride the not so new, but improved Dumbo & Barnstormer.  And I love that the outside of the bathroom looks like a train station.  I can’t wait for the Little Mermaid and the Beast’s Castle.
  • We ate dinner at the castle for my actual birthday!
  • Watching the fireworks from our dinner at the castle?  Priceless!!
  • Also priceless – my surprise birthday cake!!  Woohoo!!  Thanks Jana!!
  • As I stood up for my picture with Snow White she says “Oh, a tall princess!”
  • Besides my birthday being celebrated (and other birthdays) there was also an engagement that happened at the castle dinner.  (She said yes!)

And then it was time to go home.  See ya real soon!!

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


Mickey pumpkin on Behind the Seeds tour

Pixie Hollows with Tink & Periwinkle

Beast’s Castle

Magic Kingdom with Mickey & Minnie

Delicious cake!! Thanks Jana for the surprise!!

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