Five Senses Friday


  • Can we say Frappuccino Happy Hour?  It’s so hard to pass up when its half off!!!  I have definitely indulged in more than my fair share of these delicious concoctions throughout this week.
  • Oh, and praline pecans a co-worker brought back from New Orleans.
  • There are several other things I’ve been tasting.  Let’s just say this hasn’t been the most stellar eating week.  Hopefully next week will bring a return of the more healthy eating and treats in moderation.


  • Purples, pinks, yellows – lots of flowers in bloom


  • I’m going to leave this one blank (mostly so I won’t dwell on it – its nothing bad, I’m just trying to either live in denial, or be more positive – take your pick! 🙂 )


  • Plum lotion


  • Happy to see the sun!  We’ve been having lovely spring weather for most of this week.  There is something about blue skies and fluffy clouds!

My many frappuccinos!

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