Run #3.8 Mixed Up Last Run

Don’t you love how plans change?  Sometimes you just need to roll (or run) with the punches. My weekend got flipped, turned upside down (a la Fresh Prince) and I ended up with 12 miles Saturday morning, rather than my usual Sunday.  Being the creature of habit that I am, I was not entirely thrilled about the change.  But there wasn’t anything I could do, so early Saturday morning I was lacing up my shoes.

We’ve been having nice weather and I didn’t want a repeat of last week, so I dressed for warm weather, which made it chilly at the start.  I wasn’t too keen to get started and slowly stretched, delaying the inevitable.  This is how slowly I stretched – think a little kid avoiding bedtime.  Yes, I was that slow.  Finally I set off.

There were a lot of people on the trail, including some sort of 5K/10K race and another group.  This meant there were lots of inspirational chalk sayings, which I enjoyed reading.

After the slightly disastrous run last week, I was pleasantly surprised this week was definitely smoother.  And unlike last week, I could visualize going another 1.1 miles.  So that is definitely a good sign!  My ankle was feeling a bit twingey but not horrible.  I’m visiting my chiropractor this week, so hopefully she can once again work her magic!

Next stop – Portland!!

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