Run #4.1 8 + 2 = 10

The world keeps turning!  Can you believe its only a few weeks until Seattle RnR?  Which means 10 miles was on the calendar.  A few weeks ago an email came across advertising an 8 mile race.  I do like the idea of a race being a long run so I signed up.

This morning I got up and made my way to the park and got the 2 miles out of the way.  I picked up my bib and waited around for the 8 miler to start.  I was looking around at the other runners and realized most of them were “serious” runners.  And I tried to come to grips with the fact I might be last.

We started off and pretty quickly I was in the back.  But more than that I was coughing my way through the first couple of miles.  I was having a harder time breathing than in Boulder!  It looked like they had recently cut back the grass so I think my allergies were in overdrive.

The humidity was a little oppressive but it finally started sprinkling which was a welcome relief!

I made it to the turn-around and was surprised to see several people behind me.  Maybe today wasn’t my day to be last!  I tried to call out encouragement to the people behind me.

I was coming towards the finish line as they were handing out awards.  The announcer spotted me and had everyone cheer me in!  Yay!!  And as he called me in he told me I was rocking my plaid skirt!

And of course this was an instant PR, even if I don’t know my time yet…

ETA: My time is up!  I finished in 1:36:38!  Gotta love those flat fast courses.

Done with 2 miles

And done with the Ironheart Classic!

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One Response to Run #4.1 8 + 2 = 10

  1. FruitFly says:

    That IS a cute skirt!! Nice job – congrats on your auto PR – but hello? Awesome finish time, too!!!

    You’re making me nervous. I hope Seattle weather isn’t all humid. I don’t want cold either. Let’s have a big finger crossing session right now!!

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