A Colorific Morning

Why do one race in a new city, when you can do two?  When we missed out on The Color Run Seattle (or when I made it in, but no one else did so I transferred my entry) but saw there was one in Denver the same weekend we were going to be there, we decided it was fate!  So we signed up.

The race turned out to be really close to our hotel.  I am not sure how many people were there, but there was a sea of white-clad people.  There was a lot of color throwing happening while we were waiting for our wave to start.  And then we were off!

It was more of a walk than a run! 🙂  But it was fun to see all the color splashed people!  Every 1k (or so) there was a color zone where volunteers would throw color on you.  I was thankful for the sunglasses (which I bought that morning).  They did help protect my eyes.  The poor volunteers were completely drenched with whatever color their station was sporting.

There were supposed to be color throwing parties after the race, but by the time we finished the party was winding down.

All in all, it was a fun race!

Waiting to start

Jessica in the blue zone

The Yellow color zone

Colorful shoes

At the end of race

Will run for color

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2 Responses to A Colorific Morning

  1. Abby says:

    Exciting! Im still not convinced I should do one of these.

  2. FruitFly says:


    I was going to register for Portland — but then couldn’t because Disney World trumps ANY race any day!!

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